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We are professionals. We supply a quality product.

What we offer

Main services

Our specialties
Custom Software

Production of web based software / SaaS according to the customer's needs. Products built according to the specifics of the business from start to finish.

e-Commerce Solutions

Wordpress & Woocommerce solutions. Integration of Web Services for stock and price managment. Linking to external sites and warehouse systems.

Wordpress Plugins

Custom plugins development. Expand and upgrade the functionalities of Wordpress. Quality plug-ins according to the Wordpress Codex.

Mobile Designs

We build functional designs for mobile devices. Flexible and practical interfaces. Redesign old sites with new and comfortable design for any screen size.

Site redesign

Editing existing sites. Optimize and improve pageload speed. Modern and practical new design.


Internet security, good practices and the most common problems. Assistance in choosing the right solution for business or personal needs.

Working process

Step 1. Analyze the task

Acceptance of the assignment by the client. Concur the right solution for customer needs.

Step 2. Clarify goals

Concept presentation. Feedback with the customer and view the project in detail.

Step 3. Plan the work

Divide the work into stages. Breakdown of each stage and determination of the required time for completion.

Step 4. Building the functionality

The main purpose of each project is to perform the required functions. At this stage, the program code and the real part of the system are created.

Step 5. Frontend Design

Once the system is working, it comes to the vision. In short, the function now fits in the form.

Step 6. Tests and deliver to the customer

Quality check and real world tests. Transmission of the finished product to the customer.

Last projects

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Vending Software

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Full control over the entire process

All products, stocks, feeds and revs. All revenue and costs in one place. No installations, no viruses available from anywhere!


01Why do we do it?

Because we like to do it. The Internet is one of the greatest inventions. We want to be part of this.

02What are we striving for?

Being better at what we do. To contribute to the provision of quality services.

03What are we proud of?

By working conscientiously and complying with the terms. Work well done is a priority for us.

04Why choose us?

Because you can rely on us. We work with the latest technologies. Because we are professionals.